Tentanic is a tent which is 1:2 scale of the Titanic

A number of renditions of the luxury liner, the majestic Titanic, are now making it to the headlines courtesy of the 100th anniversary of this cruise liner’s launch. So after the news of the exquisite timepiece by RJ-Romain Jerome to celebrate the iconic ships launch, we have one very interesting tribute to the Titanic. Probably one of the unique tributes to the Titanic and one heck-of-a-way to cash in on the Titanic frenzy is the Tentanic! Yes, you guessed it; Tentanic (Tent-tanic) is a majestic Titanic-shaped camping tent!

No small tent, this one is actually a 1:2 scale replica of the world’s most famous luxury liner and is spacious enough to sleep up to 1000 of your friends! Easy to assemble (you would probably need 1000 friends to help you assemble this giant, I am sure), it is the best way to go camping in style. While everything related to the Titanic can be deemed priceless, this one too is another pricey creation with an asking price of £7,500 ($11,900)!
What is more, there is no threat of icebergs on this cruise. Convinced? Go and order your very own Tentanic.
[Available at Firebox]

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