Terri Patsalides asked to pay $715079

$ 715079 surely seems to be a huge sum to pay for a cup of coffee. Well-renowned Terri Patsalides was asked to pay the sum for four cups of coffee she gulped down in distress while waiting for her accommodate to show up at the airport. The arrival of the traveler accommodate was surely a price to pay at Giraffe Juice Bar from where Terri had bought her coffee to her astonishment was a mistake. When asked for the bill for four cups of coffee, she was handed over with a long bill that went up to $715079. Terri was left stunned and so where he onlookers. ThankGod it was just a mistake by the computer which left the attendees at Giraffe Juice Barred. “She went bright red when she saw my bill was $715079 and said it should have been $24 per coffee,” says Terri.

Well, glitches keep on happening by humans or computers, which adds up to the laughing stock.