Tesla will now get its own gallery within Nordstrom’s LA Grove store

Nordstrom may be your destination for clothing, accessories and beauty products, but the retailer’s new partnership will allow you make a rather more significant purchase. This weekend, Nordstrom at The Grove –an LA shopping mall- will make some space for a Tesla gallery. The 400 sq. foot gallery is departure from the usual 2,000 to 4,000 sq. foot galleries that the electric vehicle maker usually boasts, but it will provide access to Nordstrom’s wealthy clientele. “The Nordstrom shopper embodies a lifestyle that parallels that of many Tesla owners — people who are forward-thinking, savvy, and curious to explore the latest and best trends,” said a Tesla spokeswoman.

Tesla’s gallery will be located in the men’s department on Nordstrom’s first floor and will feature Tesla’s Model X electric SUV. Customers can check out the vehicle’s interior and trim options, and even go on a test drive with the employees. The Tesla spokeswoman stated that the company was trying to get a sales license for the new location which would allow them to sell vehicles in addition to demonstrating them.

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“We are investing in lots of ways to make our stores even more compelling and we hope customers want to visit our stores because we always have something new,” said Dan Evans, a spokesperson for Nordstrom. Tesla’s galleries and stores are usually located in high end malls and high-income neighbourhoods. They have roughly 100 stores and galleries in the US.

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[ Via : Cnbc ]