Machine Gun Vegas to open up as world’s first luxury gun lounge

There is good news for the gun-crazy Americans. If powering yourself with the latest weapon is your game, then you better check out Machine Guns Vegas. Opening early next year, the world’s first luxury gun lounge will feature 16 shooting lanes for target practicing firearms such as machine guns, assault rifles, and historic guns from the World War II era. Additionally, if you can afford it, check out the Gun Lounge, where there will be two firing lanes and a separate entrance for those wanting a private experience. Model and shooting host Jeannie Duffy who formerly served with the U.S Airforce, will make sure you are matched up with the perfect weapon. Their in-house store will carry items such as designer handbags with built-in concealed carry holsters or limited-edition weapons with the customer’s name engraved on them.

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