That calls for a party – Hot Jug a motorized floating wood fired hot tub

In a first of its kind, Hot Tug is the brainchild of Dutch designer Frank de Bruijin. The Hot Tug is a floating boat hot tub that lets you have a relaxing dip in the warm waters of the tub whilst cruising in a river or lake. It can comfortable seat 6 people and 8 if you are willing to squeeze in.

hot-tug-boat-2The boat is constructed from wood and fitted with a glass fiber reinforced polyester. You can sail it with or without water depending on your mood. It has a stainless steel stove and is powered by a built in motor. The Hot tug can hold about 1800 litres of water which takes about 2.5 hours to heat with the wood burning stove that is situated in the front of the boat.

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hot-tug-boat-9It is time to plan a holiday where you can luxuriate in the warm waters of your Hot Tug and enjoy a leisurely cruise. You could be in snowy locales in your swimwear and feeling very comfortable.


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