The 73rd Cannes Film Festival has been canceled due to COVID-19

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious gatherings for the global film fraternity. And while connoisseurs would hope for it to take place this June, it is highly unlikely due to the coronavirus. In an official statement, the Festival director Thierry Frémaux confirmed that the event will not take place per scheduled, however, organizers will continue exploring options to make it happen this year.

Frémaux confirmed to Screen Daily stating, “Under the circumstances, a physical edition of Cannes 2020 is hard to envisage, so we’ll have to do something different. A ‘festival’ is a collective party, a spectacle that brings together an audience in a given location, in this case on the Croisette, in the presence of thousands of people. Everyone understands that that’s impossible this year.” He further added, “The Cannes Film Festival, which by its nature is a globalized institution, can’t escape being a victim in the same way as the rest of human activities.”

The film festival was initially scheduled to take place in the south of France from 12 to 23 May and was later postponed to June. However, given the rise of COVID-19 cases globally, it will no more take place in its original form this year but considering that it is an essential pillar for the film industry, organizers will look to make it happen in one way or another. It was, however, confirmed that three of the “sidebar” events that usually run alongside the main festival in Cannes have been canceled.

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