The Billionaire Shop is the for the ultra rich

Everybody dreams of being a billionaire and what they would do with all that money, however for the select few that are actually billionaires deciding where to spend all their money is not an easy task. A new website the billionaire shop takes impulse buying to a whole new level with yachts, supercars, helicopters and private planes all available online and bought with a mere click. With the advent of online shopping impulse buying has become part of our culture and the billionaire shop simply provides for the niche market of billionaires. The website arose from the Swedish based team at, where they allow clients to play on the world’s biggest lotteries. The idea was that lucky lotto winners and gamblers do not always know how to or where to gain access to luxury items. The Billionaire Shop hopes to attract not just billionaires but also clients who can dream big and aim towards checking out that Ferrari 458 sports car for $230,000 with just one click.

Jet-setters can also pick the Gulfstream G650 for €49,500,000 (65.4 million) while the €64,500,000 ($85.2 million) private island in Bahama’s can soon become a billionaire’s new holiday home.

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With products that are easy, available and curated, this website is a gold mine for billionaires.

[The-Billionaire-Shop] Via – Mashable