Snolo Sled-X is a carbon fiber sled designed to hit the slopes

December is coming around and out come the skis and snowboards, it’s the time for snowy vacations and snowy sports. Snolo has decided to change the face of traditional snow sports with their new Sled – X. While sleds aren’t usually associated with sports, this high performance, carbon fiber alpine sled will change your opinion. Snolo has given the world a glimpse into Sled- X earlier this year and even won the silver medal in the Concept/Experimental section of the Best Awards in October, 2012. They have finally launched the product, just in for winter sports season. The primary component in Sled- X is carbon fiber, it also has a foam padded seat with a back rest that holds the rider in a laid back position.

For easier transport, the lap belt turns into shoulder straps so that the sled can be easily carried as a back pack. The best part about Sled- X is the maneuverability and control it affords, making it feel almost like a snowboard. With a high speed of up to 40 mph this sled can be ordered from the New Zealand based company for $3,000.

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