The iconic luxury department store Harrods has opened its first outlet store

The pandemic is presumably driving most of us crazy. Several well-known brands have been forced to shut shop or resort to massive layoffs amid the looming financial crisis. One such name to have cut off over 700 jobs earlier in the month is luxury departmental store-Harrods. While the marquee is known to be grappling under economic pressures, it recently opened doors to a new outlet in Westfield, London.

What may seem like a surprising paradox is in fact the brand’s attempt to drive post-pandemic sales. The new outlet is its first discount store and is stuffed with current season products – all available at a minimum 40 percent off. The plush shop spans across 80,000 sq. foot space and occupies Level 1 and 0 of a giant building in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush that previously belonged to Debenhams.

The novel Harrods store is built with two-meter social distancing in mind and will allow 365 customers to be inside at one time. Commenting on it, Harrods in a statement said, “Harrods Outlet allows the business to adapt to changed circumstances and grow in undoubtedly challenging times for the economy.” Throwing further light on it, the brand’s Director of Beauty, Accessories and Fine Watches & Jewelry – Annalise Fard added, “We had to work out how do we deliver what all our clients want in a very specific way for them without driving crowds into the stores because that’s not a responsible thing to do.”

Harrods Westfield Outlet will essentially work like an extended pop-up, leased for six months until December 31, before the brand decides to progress on it (at all)! In the meanwhile though, if shopping is on your mind, you know where to head!

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