The Luxury Personal lubricant that nobody needed but everyone will buy anyway!

Surely everyone likes to treat themselves to a few luxury goods now and then, it’s part of pampering yourself and seeing how the 1% lives. Some luxury goods, however, are entirely too hedonistic to be even considered, like this diamond studded soap that’s unusable or this $4000 toothbrush that you would be too afraid to use. But at the top of the list of unnecessary luxury items is definitely a spot for Plaisir Des Sens, a luxury lubricant for use during sex. That’s right, luxury lube is an actual thing.

What makes this lube so special? It uses a patented heating technology to warm the lubricant. “Traditional personal lubricants are cold and sticky to the touch, taste terrible, and come with embarrassing packaging,” explain co-founders Charles Blanchet III and Christina Ahn. “In addition, they are filled with harsh chemicals. So-called ‘warming’ lubricants on the market often use capsaicin, the main ingredient in pepper spray, to simulate heat.”
“We were dissatisfied with the options on the market, so we decided to redefine the entire experience of sex with personal lubricants,” they added.
The lubricant is housed in a dispenser that releases the warmed product when you press the logo on the back. You can charge the device using a wireless charging pad which can also be used to charge smartphones and other wireless devices.
Currently the Blanchet and Ahn are raising money for the project through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. A $150 contribution will get you the device, the charger, a 3 month supply of lubricant as well as free shipping on domestic and international orders. Actually, the idea for warming lubricant is not a bad one, but branding it as “the World’s First Luxury Lubricant” seems a bit excessive. This promises to be a guilty pleasure purchase, not unlike those infomercial products that everyone always ends up buying while watching the home shopping network at 1 am!

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[ Available at : Indiegogo ]