The Most Aesthetic Vape Kits On The Market

For many smokers, it’s not just the nicotine that’s hard to give up, but the physical habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke, it becomes a part of their image. Smoking goes with a lot of celebrities personal brands. The rock stars of the 60s and 70s, supermodels with delicate slim style cigarettes and chunky cigars often sported by the likes of Ron Perlman and Jay Z have become iconic. However, since the 60s there’s been a significant change in how smoking is perceived and in the last decade the world has seen a fast uptake in vaping.

Plenty of big names have swapped smoking for e-cigarettes. Previous cigar smoker Jack Nicholson now sports a vape, as does Samuel L Jackson. Kate Moss is arguably the modern day Twiggy, while Twiggy was often photographed with a cigarette, Kate Moss now vapes. With the rise of celebrities doing it, the public follows.

Regardless of your budget, how low maintenance you want your device to be, or how you want it to look, the rapidly expanding market caters to even the most refined tastes. Pod kits are often the way many people get into vaping, while they’re the simplest vape setup you can get and there’s an option for every “type” of person out there:

Juul – for the more mainstream, tried and true option
You can hardly mention vaping without thinking of this pocket sized pod kit. Having swept
across the US over the last few years, taking up a massive 74% market share, it’s one of the most simple yet crowd pleasing devices out there. With a core selection of flavours coming in pre-filled pods, the Juul is one of the most compact and easy to set up kits. The pods are filled with high strength nic salt liquid, making this kit especially popular with heavier smokers. Just click a pod into the battery and inhale to vape. Small enough to fit in your pocket and no buttons to press, it’s a fool proof option.

Justfog Minifit – for the hipsters
For those who want something like the Juul, but not the Juul, the Justfog Minifit is a great option. A lesser known brand, Justfog created something even smaller than the Juul but with a little more adaptability. The Minifit has more battery capacity and larger pods that you can refill meaning it lasts longer and is also more cost efficient. You can fill it with just about any liquid, including high strength nic salts and its modest frame comes in three colours for people that prefer something other than all black.

Smoking Vapor Mi-pod – for the active, on the go vaper
With a little loop on the side so you can attach it to a lanyard, the Mi-pod is one for people on the go. Still small enough to fit in your pocket, this pod mod combines an impressive amount of battery life and e-liquid capacity in a modern looking kit. A 950mAh battery will give you hours of vaping time so for those who don’t have the opportunity to charge, it’s an ideal option. Compatible with high nicotine liquids, it’s an inhale to vape design with refillable pods that can hold up to 2mls of liquid making for less refills too. If that isn’t enough, it comes in a wide variety of colours and textures too from minimalist matte grey to high-shine metallic gold.

Lostvape Orion – for the tech geek
A pod kit with a brain, the Orion from Lostvape is the first pod kit on the market with a DNA chipset. Capable of detecting the resistance of the pod you’re using as well as giving you three wattage output options, this single button design kit looks high end and performs incredibly well. Suitable for both direct to lung inhaling and mouth to lung vaping styles and, unlike other pod kits, also has adjustable airflow. Perfect for those who want something unique, customisable and with enough options to try different ways of vaping until you can get it “just right”.

Suorin Air – for the minimalists
The slimmest e-cig available, small enough to fit in your wallet, is the Suorin Air. It’s the size of a credit card, has no buttons and charges up to full power in just 30 minutes. The other benefit of this one is that it’s also an open pod system – meaning you can choose your own juice flavour and strength and get plenty of use out of each pod before they wear out. Less wasteful, simple to use and set up and discrete enough that when it’s lying on your desk at work it’s hardly even recognisable as a vape.

In the early days of vaping, e-cigarettes were significantly heavier and often a lot larger than their modern counterparts. Now, over a decade on from their invention there’s a myriad of miniscule, high end and sleek looking vape kits to suit just about anyone’s aesthetic that provide a satisfying way to quit smoking. Regardless of whether your preference is for super low maintenance or plenty of options, refillable or pre-filled, the vaping industry has evolved to provide not just a satisfying alternative to smoking but also multiple stylish options.