The Most Expensive Hobbies Money Can Buy

Ask anyone about their hobbies and chances are they will include the likes of reading, swimming, going to the cinema and other such run of the mill activities. Yet there are others whose pastimes come with a high price tag. Our hobbies are the way we indulge our passions and interests. When money is no object, the world is your oyster. In this article, we’ll explore the most expensive hobbies, where splashing the cash is a must! Which will take your fancy?

Collecting Vintage Cars
There is no doubt that collecting vintage cars is an expensive hobby. In fact, the most expensive car sold at auction was a Ferarri 250 GTO, which fetched at whopping $38,115,000 in 2014. The rarer the car, the higher the price and to build a collection could set you back millions. After all, each car comes with a fairly hefty price tag. It is not merely the automobiles themselves that make car collecting a pricey pursuit though. You also need to take into consideration storage, insurance as well as parts, restoration and maintenance costs. It is no surprise that some of the wealthiest people in the world boast car collecting as a hobby.

RC Airplanes
It is easy to see the appeal of flying radio-controlled aircraft. You get to indulge your creative side as you build the plane and understand the mechanics that make it work. Then, you get to fly the thing! Yet this exciting sounding hobby could set you back a fair few bucks. Whilst it costs a few hundred dollars to fly a ready-made RC airplane, if you want to build your own, you can expect to spend anywhere from around $700 for a basic model, stretching into the thousands for more advanced versions.

Whilst there is no doubting that you can travel on a shoe-string, in reality, who really wants that? Why opt for a cramped seat in coach and a dingy budget hotel, when you can travel in style? For the wealthy, travelling can be an extravagant and lavish hobby. A first-class long-haul plane ticket can set you back thousands of dollars, yet the inflated ticket price brings you luxury and comfort that is out of this world. When you add into the equation luxurious 5-star hotels, lavish spa treatments and fine dining at Michelin Star restaurants, it can turn into a big budget pastime.

You don’t get much more lavish than heading to an elite Las Vegas casino and rubbing shoulders with other high rollers, whilst you bet thousands of dollars on the spin of a wheel or the turn of a card. Whilst many love the opulent and ritzy atmosphere of gambling in land based casinos, there are others for whom the thrill and fun comes from betting big for the chance to win big. As such, many gamblers are opting to play online nowadays. Many new online casinos are opening to meet the demands of such players. Some of the best new casinos can be found at Whether you want to bet pennies or thousands, now you can do so from the comfort of your own home!

Flying a Plane
When it comes to extravagant hobbies, flying a plane has to be up there with the best of them. You’ll need deep pockets to indulge in this activity though. For starters, you will need to attend training to obtain a pilot license, which will set you back in the region of $5000 for the most basic level. Yet the biggest expense comes with the plane itself, with aircraft setting you back around $100,000. Add on the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, hanger fees and so on, and you have one pricey pastime. Yet it is a price many wealthy people are willing to pay. After all, the thrill and excitement of piloting your own plane takes some beating!

Scuba Diving
The beauty and mystery of underwater life draws many to scuba diving. But the magnificent experience will set you back a considerable amount. Scuba diving certification can cost in the region of $300. Serious divers will also want to invest in a quality set of equipment, which can easily run to over $1000. To experience the best of what scuba diving has to offer, you will also need to jet off to prime destinations. Travel expenses to get to the Great Barrier Reef for example are one of the reasons why scuba diving is such a costly hobby.

Yacht Racing
Nothing screams decadence and extravagance like owning a yacht, and that is surpassed when you use your yacht for racing. You’ll need to spend around $8 – $10 million to acquire a yacht that is race ready. You will then foot a hefty bill for a team to man and maintain the boat. Super high-speed races often lead to crashes and damages, elevating the costs even further. Yet the adrenaline rush of racing your own boat at super-fast speeds makes it a hobby which the rich cannot get enough of. With all taken into consideration, yacht racing is truly a hobby for the elite.

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