The most expensive vape mods in the world

When you think of vaping, the first brand that has to pop into your mind is the Juul. With billions in funding and their most recent deal with Altria, the Juul vape pen is a darling in the space. These devices make up a bulk of the lower end more affordable market for vaping. These are the same devices that the government has claimed Juul has marketed heavily to minors to get them hooked on vaping. However, the more prominent and popular vaping gets, there will always be manufacturers that look to sell products at the higher end of the market. The list below feature some of those devices. Ones that are not mass made, but carry a cache that warrants a much higher price. Before long, we will start seeing vape juice that will have ungodly pricing. Without further ado, here are some of the most expensive vape mods on the market today.

Duke SX
This $800 vape mod, is one of the most expensive electric cigarettes in the world. Want to know the most exciting part? The Duke SX does not even come in the top five of the lists of the most expensive vape mods in the world, but it is one of the most affordable and regularly bought devices in that upper echelon. Designed by Vicious Ant, which is a well-known part of all the vape mod developers all over the globe, this hand-made vape pen is made using so many different materials. It has an ESX350J V2 chipset and numerous safety options.

Gepetto Elite V2
Gepetto, a well-known Polish vape mod developer and designer, produced the Elite V2. This brand was actually one of the primary manufacturers which dealt with presenting customized hand-made e-cigarettes. The $1,000 Elite V2 is a one of a kind mod pen, which actually made it very hard to purchase normally, and it had to be purchased through bidding wars and auctions. The carefully assembled wooden pen goes up to $3,000-$4,000.

Otto Carter
Otto Carter, another well-known manufacturer of vape mods by making use of stainless steel and brass, developed the Otto Carter, now being sold at $3,000. The artistic value of this unique hand-made mod is at an all-time high.

Top Hat Mods, a brand whose products can cost anything from $50 to hundreds of thousands, created the TI 26650 TOPHAT which comes in at $10,000 and the best thing about this mod is that it has multiple colors and wood.

Currently known as the most expensive vape mod or electric cigarette in the world, Shisha Sticks’ Sofia comes at a ridiculously high price of $887,000. It looks like a piece of expensive and lavish jewelry, and was designed for a Russian billionaire who wanted to surprise his lover with a gift and commissioned the brand. Sofia has a 24-carat gold button and is made from Italian Murano glass.

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