The most luxurious back to school gear you can get

You love the back-to-school period for one main reason: it’s shopping time!
You get an opportunity to move away from your usual shopping patterns. Instead of clothes and beauty products, you’ll focus on items that boost your studying efforts.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: you should never feel guilty about spending money on anything related to education. Yes; most students are struggling with finances. But if you’re not, there’s no reason not to enjoy buying what you want to buy. You can still be compassionate with students who don’t have as much.

Now, onto the fun part: what are the most lux items you can get for school?

1. A 16-Inch MacBook Pro
We won’t waste your time and we’ll start with the most important thing that every student needs: a laptop.

The latest 16-inch MacBook Pro is not exactly a luxury item. It’s a necessity for anyone who wants the most powerful notebook ever made. It has an extremely fast processor, an outstanding display, a great keyboard, and good storage capacity.

No; the MacBook Pro won’t write your projects by itself. Maybe you’ll still need to rely on EduBirdie when you face a challenging paper. But one thing is certain: it will make your work more effective and enjoyable.

The prices start at $2,399. But Apple gives you various opportunities to upgrade the machine, so the initial price may get higher.

2. Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen
Who would give $150+ for a pen? – The one who understands the value, art, and importance of an astonishing writing tool.

A pen is more than a writing tool. It’s an inspiration to improve your handwriting and write more. It helps you find beauty in writing.

Since you’ll be dealing with a lot of writing at school, it’s better to have something that makes the process enjoyable.

If you want to go really bold, you can get the Raden Water Surface model, which costs $800. It’s not the most expensive pen in the world. But it’s certainly a luxury item that will help you stand out.

Don’t let anyone use it! I’m sure that no one would give such a beauty back once they get their hands on it.

3. A Smythson Notebook
You don’t need too many luxury notebooks. You’ll toss them around, they will get dirty, and you’ll feel sorry for wasting such a great product. But you need one great notebook for writing down your goals and plans.

The Dreams and Thoughts notebook by Smythson is amazing. It’s made of high-quality paper that won’t get damaged with use. It’s the perfect combo with your precious pen.

4. A Beautiful Backpack
Backpacks may not be as classy as handbags, but they are way more convenient for school. They have a lot of space for your textbooks and notebooks, and some can even fit your 16-inch MacBook Pro.

You need a really nice backpack to motivate you to get to class every day. Louis Vuitton, Canali, and Mismo have awesome models that are worth the price.

5. A Stainless Steel Lunch Box
This is not a luxury item per se. A good lunchbox will cost you around $50, but will provide tons of value in return.

No; lunch boxes are not just for kids. They will get you excited about eating healthy. You’ll enjoy preparing your meals every day, and you’ll stay away from burgers and chips.

Why Stainless steel? Well, the less plastic you use, the better you’ll feel. Plastic is bad for our environment. Plus, it’s difficult to clean. Should we even mention the toxic compounds that it contains? No plastic is safe to use for food, especially if you intend to pack warm meals.

Luxury Items Can Get You Excited about School
How would you describe the feeling of buying something beautiful? It’s priceless, isn’t it? Whenever you spend money, you don’t hold back to get the most valuable item on the market. Education is not just about books and technology tools. It involves many other items, and you’ll want to make the best choice for each of them.

We just listed a few items that deserve your attention. Who said that inspiration cannot be bought? I’m sure that when you get your hands on that MacBook, pen, notebook, backpack and lunch box, you’ll get excited about going to school.

Emma Rundle has a passion for research, writing, and luxury. She always chooses the best when spending money on technology, trips, clothes, and everything else. Emma loves sharing impressions on the best things she’s ever bought.

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