The New York Public library is using Instagram stories to bring classic novels to your smartphone

In the age of Digitization, the New York Public Library has defeated the kindles and e-readers of the world by turning classic novels into Instagram stories! Yup, that’s right! You can now read your favorite novels on Instagram in animated and fun formats. The initiative aims to draw in a generation of young readers by converting reading into anything but a boring activity!

As part of the project, the library has chosen Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as its first Insta book. It is now available of The New York Public Library’s official Instagram page and can be read by simply viewing the Story and holding your thumb down to stay on the selected page at a time. Similarly, the book can be flipped by lifting the thumb and advancing to the next page. For those who aren’t just as tech-savy, the illustrated Insta-novel also contains a small section in the bottom right corner marked as the place to hold your thumb to help ease the process. Each of Insta-stories will further be saved as ‘highlights’ for the readers to re-visit them at any given time in the future.

The initiative is driven by New York Public Library in collaboration with well-known designer Magoz and independent advertising and creative agency, Mother in New York. In the coming months, the library will also publish the “The Yellow Wallpaper ” and The Metamorphosis, in addition to other classics on its Instagram account.


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