The NFT madness continues – People are now lining to pay more than $1,100 for an ‘image’ of a limited edition can of Pringles

NFT’s are in huge demand with digital nerds buying them in plenty and auction houses selling them in bulk. Cashing onto the trend similarly is Pringles with a brand-new flavor called the ‘CryptoCrisp’. The never-tasted-before flavor is depicted as a piece of art by artist Vasya Kolotusha and is limited to just 50 versions.

Available in the form of a 1080×1080 MP4 file, it showcases an animated spinning golden Pringles can with Crypto-themed chips. Commenting on it, Kolotusha on Instagram said, “I teamed up with @Pringlesus to create their first-ever virtual #NFT flavor: CryptoCrisp. Check it out on my link in bio. It’s the most delicious thing you’ll never taste. #PringlesPartner”.

While NFT enthusiasts are hyping up the NFT flavored chips, fans do not seem to be as impressed. Disappointed, a Twitter user stated, “What a disappointment!!!!! Here I was hoping 4 some real and tasty. And u give us this”, while another added, “Why are you choosing to create needless emissions to jump on the NFT bandwagon?”

For those interested to own ‘CryptoCrisp’ regardless, it is currently selling at 0.6ETH (approximately $1070 USD) on the online platform – Rarible. Care to buy it?

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