The Rising Trend of High-End Coworking Spaces

Coworking has come a long way ever since Brad Neuberg opened the very first coworking space in San Francisco in 2005. Back then, the primary goal was to provide a space for startups to run their business professionally, while also saving money in turn. As you might expect, the area was utilitarian and functional.

According to data, three million people are using coworking spaces worldwide. As of 2019, there were an estimated 19,000 spaces all over the world. The United States remains the trailblazer when it comes to embracing the concept, with more than 80 million total square feet dedicated to coworking.

Competition always brings out the best in people. You have companies like Novel Coworking, which are looking to edge out their competitors in the rapidly expanding sector. One way they can stand out is to offer innovations and luxurious amenities that are comparable with 5-star hotels.

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Here are some examples of fantastic coworking spaces that would be the envy of traditional offices worldwide:

Belizesure –
It is a coworking bungalow that serves as your own enclave. Nestled on Tobacco Caye in Belize, you have the sun, sea, and modern amenities to help fuel all your creative juices. Who says that you could not mix work and leisure? In fact, working here is like being on a perpetual vacation.

Ocubis –
The high-end coworking space is located in Kensington & Chelsea. Everything here screams luxury–from the private meeting rooms, the premium seats at the lounge, and a to-die-for view of the St. Mary Abbots gardens. The designers took pains to combine both luxury and a sense of community in its projects. All the furniture, equipment, fixtures, and design elements are carefully selected to impress. Of course, you will not likely see a $10,000 gold-plated keyboard in Ocubis. But suffice to say, you would not be embarrassed if you bring in your high-profile investors for a meeting in one of its private conference rooms.

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The Work Project –
With coworking spaces in Hong Kong and Singapore, the company has distinguished itself for the grandeur of its establishments. With the high ceilings, full chandeliers, dramatic lighting, and homebrewed tea, you could be forgiven for mistaking the offices for a five-star hotel. It is no wonder that The Work Project already has five locations in both countries and is still rapidly expanding.

The Paramount –
The building is nestled adjacent to Harmony Park in Sydney. When you enter the place, it seems you are brought back to that bygone era when people wore bespoke clothes and drove Cadillacs. The design is centered around natural wood and brass fixtures. The marble floors tie the entire elegant, old-world design. The designers managed to pull off the old-world look and feel of the space so well that you would almost be surprised that it has a working Internet connection. Also, you might be interested to know The Paramount has a fully stocked whiskey cabinet.

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Although the old business model of cramming as many people as possible into a coworking space still exists, the industry has at least shown some improvements. Franchises want to build a name for themselves by the quality of their spaces and pretty quickly they realized that businesses are willing to pay for luxury. They are taking extra care in offering a rich experience to stand out from the crowd.