The secret to getting more likes on Instagram – Its all about four colors

After analysing a plateful of 75 different Instagram influencers, the Pantone Colour Institute and marketing platforms Fohr and Visit Carlsbad have concluded that the key to taking a perfect shot is the colour scheme.

Well, I guess I kind of knew that, but what I missed out on, is that it is a colour palette of four colours that draws engagement from the millions of millennials using the popular app.

The most popular colours are (deep breath) Rose Dawn, Ethereal Blue, Ocean Depths and Harvest Gold.

So, one can finally conclude that all you need is golden hues and blue tones to light up that social media feed.

“Colour has always been a part of why we travel; the desire to ‘see’ a new place is rooted in a mental image we’ve already conjured,” said Grace Murray, Vice President at Fohr. “We are drawn to land and cityscapes that look drastically different from our own.”


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