The Top Shelf of Luxury CBD Skincare

If you’ve been into a health shop, flicked through a magazine or walked through the beauty section in your local department store recently, you’ve probably heard of CBD. Derived from industrial hemp, CBD is certainly having a moment. The CBD industry originally started predominantly in tinctures and capsules but has expanded hugely in recent years. Now, CBD skin care is going mainstream. Touting benefits including regulating sebum production, fighting acne, reducing redness and reducing damage from environmental factors, it stands to benefit a multitude of skin types and concerns.

While oral application has been a common method of CBD administration for a while, skin care and topicals offer a new way to use it with a unique range of benefits. Topical application can be used alone or in conjunction with things like drops and not just by beauty gurus – direct CBD application can be used for muscle recovery and joint health too. While it’s still a relatively new ingredient in the market, CBD has been making waves throughout the industry due to its plant-based origins and numerous benefits.

What CBD does:

There are plenty of properties to CBD that make it an ideal ingredient in skin care and you’ll find it used in everything from day creams to serums and muscle gels. The applications for CBD include:

– Anti-inflammatory properties: CBD is anti-inflammatory for your outsides as well as your insides, making it a perfect companion for easily irritated or sensitive skin. It can also help with unbalanced skin, regulating sebum production in combination and oily skin types. Everyone is exposed to stress and pollutants these days, so soothing aggravated skin is a bonus regardless of the condition your skin is in.

– Antibacterial: For acne prone skin types, CBD is a natural antibacterial. While some from-nature ingredients like tea tree oil do the same job, they can be too active for more sensitive skin. Trying to strike the right balance between soothing acne prone skin that is also sensitive to harsh ingredients can be difficult – which is why CBD can be the ideal option for some.

– Soothing and reducing redness: Redness can stem from a number of issues, whether that’s irritation from environmental factors, acne, dryness or eczema or psoriasis. CBD balances sebum production, soothes irritation and reduces acne causing bacteria it can help with the physical symptoms of many of these complaints – one of which is redness. It can also help reduce the redness flare ups caused by too much sun or after intensive skin treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

– Pain relief: When CBD interacts with your skin and muscles it can help relieve pain and soreness due to its analgesic properties. Whether that’s for a painful break out, a strained muscle after an intensive workout or helping to recover from an injury, CBD is a natural alternative to over the counter anti-inflammatory pain relief.

How CBD works in your body:

CBD works with a system in your body called the endocannabinoid system. It’s made up of receptors that support the normal function and regulation of inflammation, pain and swelling as well as psychological factors like stress, memory and mood. There are two kinds of receptors, CB1 and CB2 which are located in different parts of the body. They perform slightly different functions and when it comes to topical application both can be activated as they’re both present in your skin.

Your body naturally produces endocannabinoids, the main one being anandamide. When you’re low on this endocannabinoid the parts of your system that the ECS regulates can become less stable. With your skin being the largest organ, it’s often one that will show stress and strain most quickly. By using CBD skin care you can supplement your body’s levels of cannabinoids, helping to support it so it can function at its best. In turn, you’ll benefit from more radiant, healthy and youthful looking skin.

Factors to consider when purchasing CBD skin care:

When it comes to choosing the best CBD skin care, there are a few key things to look for. The way in which CBD is extracted is important. Supercritical CO2 extraction is considered to be the most gentle way of maintaining the structural integrity of the CBD compound as well as being chemical free.

Consider the organic status of the products you choose as well. Your skin can absorb up to 60% of what you put on it, so selecting only natural products is the best way to go. Another thing to look at is the concentration of CBD in your product, which is measured in milligrams (mg). The higher the mg number per ml, the more potent it is and the more effect it will have. Finally, checking products have been lab tested will ensure you’re getting the potency and quality you’re paying for.

Top brands to look out for:

MGC Derma
MGC Derma are CBD skin specialists originating from Australia with hemp farms and research facilities throughout its country of origin as well as Europe and Israel. Their range spans everything from face creams, serums, cleansers and toners to hand creams and scrubs. Aside from CBD they utilise other active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant peptides.

Khus + Khus
Khus + Khus are the holy grail brand brand on this list, originating from the US with a focus on a holistic lifestyle as well as natural skincare. Khus + Khus incorporates aromatherapy into their ranges, are 99% organic and GMO free as well as being 100% plant based. The product range spans from facial serums and creams as well as body serums, balms and creams.

Somnio are based in the UK, working with both European and UK based hemp farms and labs to perfect their CBD skincare. Like the other two brands on this list, they cater to a broad range of skin types with their product range which includes everything from day creams to acne serums and eye gels. They’ve also created a roll on balm, perfect for athletes looking to benefit from the pain and inflammation relief CBD can offer.

Up there with the likes of retinoids, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C treatments, CBD has the innate ability to work naturally with your body. Alleviating the symptoms and complaints from acne to skin ageing and just about everything else in between. Distilled from the humble hemp plant, CBD has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and looks to be the next big thing.

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