The truth behind those perfect Instagram posts -19 photos that portray the stark difference between Instagram and reality

Instagram influencers are one of the most sought after trends in this digital age. From luxury fashion houses to home-grown companies, every brand is integrating social media, and most significantly Instagram into their marketing strategies.

Of course, what an influencers posts is a fraction of the complete story and many bloggers have gone on to share this fact with their followers. Each post is carefully curated with a plethora of stylists, numerous filters and copious amounts of detailing that constructs the perfect post. British media favourite Telegraph covered this trending topic only last year, highlighting the significant disparity between Instagram and reality.

With an army of followers, every other influencer believes they are entitled to freebies; complimentary meals at Michelin starred diners, free stays at ultra-luxe resorts and merchandise. Take for instance the Maldives; given its Instagrammable location, numerous luxury hotels are now complaining that influencers often demand a complimentary stay in exchange for a post that is shared with a few thousand followers.

Here’s a series of photos that depict a behind-the-scenes portrayal of Instagram influencers.


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Instagram VS Reality 😂⛄️ Welcher Typ bist du? 😅 #instagramvsreality #herbst #austria

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Posing topless in 5 C is far from perfect

How often is Disneyland so deserted?


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🏆 …und der 1. Platz für’s peinlichste Foto geht an… 🏆 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 Genau dieses Bild hier! Am Kölner Dom vor Louis Vuitton zu “shooten” war ziemlich grenzwertig! Die Touris waren echt nett, aber die deutschen Jugendlichen waren sehr, sehr fies! 😂💔😭 Sah halt auch echt scheisse aus, was ich da auf der Domplatte so gemacht habe! Geb ich zu! PS: Die Alkis vor’m Aldi waren sehr “supportive” und nett! ________________ We shot this picture at the cathedral in Cologne in front of LV… It was by far the most embarassing shooting! The tourists were nice, but the german youngsters… Boy – they can be quite hurtful and nasty! 😭💔😂 ________________ #kölnbloggt #kölnergram #cgn #modeblogger #blogger_de #blogger_at #blogger_ch #instablogger_de #frankfurt #frankfurtblogger #carmushka #berlinblogger #carmushkaootw

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Shopping in couture and heels, really?


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Teamwork makes the dreamwork 🤝🤝🤝 #doitforthegram #boyfriendsofinstagram

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Capturing the perfect post requires teamwork


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So many skinny me tea sponsorships crammed into one photo!!! 😂😂😂 #skinnymeteaambassador #contentfactory #liveyourbestlife

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Ready to lay down your life for the cause #legendsneverdie #doitforthegram #boyfriendsofinstagram

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And, a tolerant photographer


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“Yeah weekend was chill, just hung out mostly” 😳😳😳

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Coupled with oodles of adventure


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Instagram vs Reality 🙈 Tak to u mnie wygląda w 99% przypadków 😅 Jestem wzrokowcem, ale jeśli chodzi o szamkę to smak i tak wygrywa. Dla przykładu – gofry po lewej stronie nie mają polewy z odżywki białkowej więc są bardziej suche. Często takie właśnie zdjęcia z przepisami, które mają głównie ładnie i zdrowo wyglądać widzimy na instagramie, a później się ktoś dziwi że to “fit” jedzenie jakieś takie mdłe 😃 (oczywiście te gofry to i tak sztosy 😍) A gofry po prawej może i wyglądają jak polane wszystkim co w lodówce, ale za to smakują o niebo lepiej i mają dodatkową porcję białeczka ❤ Ja tam lubię takie maziaje i obiady wymieszane w jak największej misce 😈 A jak jest u was? 😃 ___ #instagramvsreality #reality #waffles #carbs #protein #eatclean #healthy #fit

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Every dish isn’t plated with a post in mind, especially with dripping chocolate


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Instagram VS Real Life Real talk. Try not to judge a book by its cover. We’re all guilty of it, especially in a world of Social Media. Keep an open mind that everyone is different and has a different story. Hell! People try and put me down on Social Media everyday; calling me all kinds of names and saying I’ve had all kinds of surgeries 💉 They don’t know me, or what I do, or how I think. BUT if they had the chance to meet me they’d soon realise I’m just a goofy dork who designs swimwear, sings all my words loudly, and badly! They’d realise I have a serious and concerning chocolate addiction, hence my fat booty (sorry trolls it’s not fat injections) and has nightly dates with my super lame TV series. I’m an only child and love to be alone. I’m not very social and have more friends on Social Media than in real life. My work is my baby and I’m obsessed with helping it grow. I want to change the way people see beauty. Working out is my escape from reality. My hobby is giving people gifts and watching their reactions when they open it. Just like Oprah, I wish I could buy every single one of my followers a brand new car! My parents are my best friends. My Dad is a quadriplegic and my Mum is recovering from open heart surgery. My fear is bad health. I tell Ryan I love him three times before I go to sleep. I got bullied in primary school. I get bullied now. The only difference is now I don’t care and I enjoy the laugh. I wish people would stop asking me when I’m having babies because I already have three fur children. I’m happy and proud of myself and who I have become and hope everyone reading this can love themselves too. There. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed any of that from looking at my Instagram profile⚡️

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Makeup and food aren’t the perfect duo

Pregnancy shoots command the most detailing

That unfortunately involves bits of nature

And, the not-so-ideal background
Because babies do not pose voluntarily

And, share an affectionate relationship with everything they can latch onto
But most importantly, they do not fare well in couture and tutus
How can dogs sit so patiently by a window seat?

And cherish the sunlight?
Or possibly pose in dreadful amounts of froth?

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