The world’s busiest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo, now has a giant billboard in which a 3D cat comes to life

Cat lovers in Japan– Rejoice! A gigantic 3D cat has now taken over a billboard in Tokyo over one of the city’s busiest railway stations! A hyper-realistic giant feline is already said to be drawing eyeballs and has left onlookers amazed for all the right reasons.

Called ‘Cross Shinjuku Vision,’ the official release of the project reads, “From the beginning of the design of cross Shinjuku vision, we have been conscious of the installation position and shape suitable for viewing from the east exit square of Shinjuku station, and it is possible to promote and market using high-impact 3D images.

Featured on a 1,664-square-foot curved LED screen billboard, the video footage of the feline shows her staring down at the pedestrians, looking like it might jump down onto them. It repeats the movement several times, awing those around.

The billboard (with 4K resolution) is situated above the building owned by Cross Shinjuku Vision at Shinjuku train station, where the calico cat gazes on passersby from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. local time each day. She also meows at them occasionally while replicating her moves from time to time.

As expected, the footage has thrown Twitter into a frenzy of sorts. A video of the cat peering over the edge of the shelf has gained more than 137,000 likes and 51,000 retweets, with several other similar clips also doing the rounds on the internet.

[Via: CNN]

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