The world’s most expensive crib goes on sale for £10million

The gilded luxury baby cot made from 24 carat solid gold is available for sale for a staggering £9,960,000. Dubbed the most expensive crib in the world, the gold crib named Dodo Bassinet is the brainchild of Ximo Talamantes, designer and CEO of Suommo. The solid gold limited edition is the most expensive of the Dodo Bassinet collection, which also includes gold, black, silver, white and rose gold versions.

‘Timeless and contemporary character make every creation a definite trendsetter,” Suommo artist and manager Rafael Esmila was quoted as saying. ‘Our cribs are embellished with the highest quality materials.”

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It takes six months to build the solid gold cot complete with bedding made of wild silk, Pima cotton and gold yarn embroideries.

Weighing 188kg, the crib is 114 cm high. Customers can also choose to customize the cot with engravings. While a diamond and white gold insignia costs £71,380; a diamond and pure gold embellishment will set the buyer back £68,060.

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[Available at Suommo]