The $100,000 “Earth, Platinum Edition” is not recognized as world’s largest book by Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records has refused to acknowledge an Australian publisher’s claim that he debuted the world’s biggest book at a German book fair. According to Guinness World Records information, the Australian publishers claim is inaccurate as the title for the largest book in the world is held by a book that was recently completed in Hungary which measures 13.71 by 12.36 feet and weighs more than 1.2 tons. Thus, the claim of Gordon Cheers, the managing director of the Australian publishing company Millennium House, that his 6-by-9 foot atlas, titled “Earth, Platinum edition,” is the largest book in the world is inaccurate. This news has however not gone down well with the publishing house. An official from the Millennium House, Suzanne Gross stated, “When is a book a book? If there is only one copy produced is it a ‘book’? … Anyone can grab two huge planks of wood, hinge them together and paste in some paper and call it a book,” indirectly criticizing the current title holding book whose only one copy exists.

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However, if the publishers wish they can claim the record for publishing the world’s largest atlas. The Earth, platinum Edition will be a limited edition restricted to just 31 copies which will retail for a cool $100,000 each. But will the publishers stake a claim for the title of the world’s largest atlas, we will have to wait and watch.

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