The $1 million Goldcaster is world’s first and only real gold guitar

Most guitarists, amateurs, professionals alike, have one common dream – that of playing the best six-string ever made. I don’t know if you would deem the Goldcaster as the best in the world, but it will certainly rule the roost for being one of the most expensive guitars in the world. Reportedly the world’s first and only real gold guitar, the Goldcaster retails for a cool $1,000,000! The custom made hollow body guitar boasts of 18ct gold top. But the bling doest end there. The million-dollar guitar boasts of 18ct gold, nut, bridge, saddles, volume knobs, switch knobs, string tree, ferrules, neck plate, strap buttons, headstock logo, and headstock lettering. To be exact, 33 items on this guitar shine with bling.

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