The $25,000 Carbon Fiber Backgammon Game

The holiday season means a lot of fun and games with your friends and family. And if your game night includes a game of backgammon, then here is your chance to make it even more fun and oh-so-luxurious. That is if you have the dough in the first place. And in this case, we are talking about $25,000! For shelling that sum, you can get yourself the high-end and simply luxurious Carbon Fiber Backgammon Game. Weighing just below 8 pounds, it boasts of gold-covered stainless steel play stones. A limited-edition creation, it will be restricted to only 99 units. So besides the dough, you had better have luck on your side and hope you aren’t the 100th person on the waiting line for this exquisite creation. To know more or to place your order, click here.

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