The $30,000 Superplexus spherical puzzle stimulates the minds of the rich

All of us have gone through a “puzzle addiction” phase in our life. For those of you who can’t have enough of this mind-boggling game, the Superplexus 36 inch spherical puzzle is just what you need. The gigantic puzzle resides inside a giant acrylic sphere mounted to a stainless steel gimbaled mount. The ultimate puzzle for all puzzle freaks, the complex task of getting the 5/8 inch wooden marble through the immensely complicated maze, will surely keep you busy for a long time. A puzzle not just for kids, the wooden maze has been handmade from Finnish birch and takes over 400 hours to build.

Quite a mind-boggling adventure, this puzzle even requires you to navigate the ball on 1/16-inch stainless steel wire (which, if laid out in a straight line, would end up being about 31 feet longer than a football field). The gigantic sphere can be titled in any direction allowing you to navigate the ball from start to finish through a tough course of staircases, spirals, and hairpin turns. Reportedly it takes 425 turns (or tilts) to get this ball through the tough obstacles to the finish.
The amazing spherical puzzle boasts of a mind-boggling price tag of $30,000. Available through Hammacher Schlemmer, this puzzle is for the rich puzzle freaks only.

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