The $7.8 million dollar hands are protected with a $2.3 pot of almond oil

When you have the most flawless hands in the world that doubled for supermodels like Kate Moss and Lily Cole in photo shoots, they need to be cared for well. And when these hands are insured for a staggering £5 million ($ 7.8 million) with the Lloyds of London, paranoia is bound to break loose. So how does Gemma Howorth keep her hands so soft and tempting? The secret lies in a £1.50 ($2.3) pot of almond oil from Boots.

Her hands are literally her primary source of income as she can make a neat £200 ($315) for a two-hour assignment, £800 ($1,260) for a day’s work that can go as high as £2,500 ($ 3,935) a day for bigger things. The lass has had her hands featured in 250 television adverts and countless billboards.
If you think all this is crazy, you haven’t heard the lady speak yet. She says, “I could claim on the insurance if I get a paper cut, depending on how bad it is. If I cut my hand, I might not work for two weeks, which could be thousands of pounds lost. There are clauses for things like broken wrists, and if one of my fingers gets chopped off, I get a very big payout. The insurance doesn’t cover me for skiing, so I ski in steel gloves. They have a bit of steel in the back to stop you breaking your wrists.”