The 8-foot Tavern Bowling Game gets realistic with sound effects

Having a bowling alley in your home may not be such a bad idea after all. And having the backing from Hammacher Schlemmer is surely comforting. Up for grabs this time around is a tavern bowling game inspired by the original Shuffle Alley, which was quite a hit in the 1950s. the 8-foot game lets players “slide a 2 7/8-inch diameter chromed steel puck down the game’s waxed Formica lane to strike ten 10 ¼-inch tall pins that “crash.” The roll-over switches have given way to magnetic reed switches placed beneath the pins on the playing surface that gets activated when the puck slides over. The set supports regulation bowling thanks to “standard ABC scoring rules as well as six additional variations, including “shadow” that raises the pins and dims all lights for “blind” bowling and “3-6-9” that awards automatic strikes on frames, three, six, and nine.” You can keep track of the scores through the 27-inch LCD screen that boasts 1600 x 900 resolutions.

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It not just automates scoring but also gives you best shot suggestions, strikes, turkeys, and frame replays that too alongside commentary by PBA Champion Parker Bohn III. And to give you that bowling alley feels, there are two 30-watts and one 100-watt speaker that give sounds like crashing pins and cheering crowds, among others. The entire set up is priced at $6,000.

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