The American Federal Eagle Pool table

Pool and billiards are games that exemplify the ultimate luxury and are often associated with the elite class in society. Given that, the American Federal Eagle 9-foot Pool table is like an icing on the cake, espousing the already maintained cadre and prestige of the game. It is a creation of Dominic Gerard and it depicts the American Eagle which exemplifies luxury. It is composed of the finest solid Red mahogany, finished with 23-step French polish ebony “Lacquer de chine” and black Italian granite, with the solid side rails sporting mother of pearls and diamond inlays.

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The hand carved Federal Eagles are the center of attraction as they majestically roost on absolute black granite. The pool table also has a matching quartz halogen pool lighting fixture featuring more of the Eagle motif and a 12-cue rack which can hold you personalized mother of pearl inlaid cues. The American Federal Eagle Pool table retails for $29,500.

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