The Art of Science – creating unique genetic portraits

Geneportrait gives new meaning to the term “original art.” Founder of Spain based Geneportrait; JL Soto feels that it’s a self-portrait which is as individual – and unique – as one is. An ideal combination of science and art, these science-art portraits allows one to reflect and enjoy a sample of one’s r own unique DNA world. These DNA configurations hold no legal or medical value. A sample is collected from an individual using an oral swab. The DNA is extracted and profiled, to obtain a unique digital portrait for viewing. The unique DNA fingerprinting method creates exclusive digital self-portrait photos by using a distinctive combination of molecular techniques and components. It’s an ideal gift for the person who has everything; nothing can be more unique and personalized for loved ones, family, friends, or even a pet!

You can include multiple individuals in a single portrait which makes the experience much more meaningful. You can directly compare your fingerprint with your loved ones, generating both a unique sense of intimacy and distinctiveness. This innovative display for a genetic self-portrait is obtained on CD with a high-resolution digital image full of color and style. Available for $240.

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