The Art of Shaving unveils Power Shave Collection

The Power Shave Collection launched recently by Gillette is an exclusively handcrafted, top-performing shaving kit collection that ensures the perfect shaving experience. The exceptional Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor is designed with the latest advanced technology to provide maximum stability and control for men who search for the most convenient way to look good. Its cutting-edge one-of-a-kind, in-built spotlight assists in reveling normally hidden facial contour details. An additional and useful blue light indicator highlights when the razor blades need a change. Another shaving marvel not have seen before is the Fine Badger Power Brush. This unique genuine badger hair brush is powered by oscillators to effectively lift the beard for a closer and more comfortable shave. This revolutionary technology is a first and defiantly makes the chore of shaving a pleasurable experience in its self.

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The entire collection is sleekly handcrafted with polished chrome and black lacquered finishes that are ergonomically designed with micro-textured surfaces to help grip and style with ease. All these contemporary shaving tools also have matte black thermo-resign material grips to secure easy and convenient shaves every time. Now missing less spots with more efficient shaving strokes is possible thanks to the gentle micro-pulses present in the razor. They help reduce the overall shaving friction for a smoother razor glide. Each shaving tool in this special collection is flawlessly crafted; uniquely balanced and weighted to feel like a natural extension of your hand. Purchase this Power Shave Collection for $400-$450 at The Art of Shaving.

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