The Bentley Collection Humidor by Credo

When you hear of Bentley your mind races to their collection ranging from magnificent cars to trendy shirts. They are out with their Bentley Collections humidor’s humidification system made by Credo, which is a hallmark in itself. A safe house for your cigars the humidor is a magnificent piece of art. So particular are they of their quality that they use the same solid walnut with a Burr walnut veneer that they use in their cars. Highlighted with ebony beading it sets the standard for humidor humidifiers. The Bentley Collection humidor’s hinges, lock plates, key and corners are all made of hallmarked silver. There is a set of Bentley wings encapsulated under the high gloss finish to ensure a flat surface.

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Like their cars, the humidor too is hand-made. And like their cars they cost quite a bit-$6400.00