The Biggest Jackpot ever? Not quite!

Recessions and economic depressions may come and go, but gambling never seems to go out of fashion. So much so that, even today at the height of the economic crisis, people are lining up to play bingo and other such games in the hopes of winning a jackpot. Ceasing the opportunity, Moon Bingo has announced the launch of their revamped site which not only looks better, but also more glamorous. However, the most important bit is that they are offering a huge $16.6 million jackpot to celebrate.

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While it is being touted as the world’s largest jackpot, it may not be quite true as well. Nevertheless, it still is a huge sum to be won, and in fact an astronomical sum of money! You could visit their site and try your luck to see if you are going to be the lucky devil to win the $16.6 million jackpot. We had earlier written about a much bigger $188000000 jackpot, which is way over the top if you asked me.
Via: PR Fire

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