The Classic Storefront Rocket Ride prepares your kid for space tourism

The classic rocket ride that was a hit in kids’ psyche during the 1960s is back to tingle the imagination of the new age kids. This authentic unit is refurbished to its original state, including the details of its tapered nose cone, bulbous body, and symbols suggestive of space travel. The rocket ride is made of sturdy fiberglass and uses an electric motor to provide the same one-minute “traveling” motion. It provides all the animated functions such as gentle rising, diving, and banking left and right. The handlebars can be ‘steered’ to control the speed of your rocket. Even the rocket sound effects, including take-off procedures, countdown, lift-off, and flight, are simulated with the help of a built-in sound system.

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The rocket also accepts dimes and the coins are replaceable. The rocket sits on a platform of polished aluminum diamond plate and the whole unit will set you back $10,000.
[Hammacher and Gizmodo]

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