The Collapsible Brass Mariner’s Spyglass

The movie Pirates of the Caribbean has evoked a new sense of love for the old world Spyglasses that look oh-so-cool while viewing through a single eye. The same 18th century refracting collapsible spyglasses (supposed to be antique), which the mariners used during the Age of Sail, is now available to you packed in a Mahogany storage chest with brass hinges and clasps, coated in a chip resistant lacquer that will keep its luster for ages to come. Hand-made of polished 1.2mm thick solid brass, coated with 50 mm objective lens fully coated with magnesium fluoride for minimum refractance combined with it’s 700mm focal length and a magnification of 18X. Who wants to play a Pirate?

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The Collapsible Brass Mariner’s Spyglass retails for $200.