The Core creates special 50th anniversary pack of Ballantine’s Championship Blend 2010

To commemorate 50 years of Ballantine’s first golf tournament, The Core has created an exclusive 50th anniversary pack of Ballantine’s Championship Blend 2010. The limited edition pack of the priceless Scotch whisky is one luxurious offering. Matching the exquisite taste of the brew is the pack’s lavish dressing. The ultra-luxe packs feature 24-Carat gold, real leather and solid mahogany! A high-end creation for a select few only, this celebratory edition of the premium Scotch whisky is limited to just 20 packs. Out of which, one pack was presented to the first winner of the tournament while another will be given to this year’s winner. Currently on display all over the world, this beautiful pack has been inspired by an antique leather golf caddy, and is handmade from solid mahogany with an embossed leather frontispiece. The typography is finished with 24-carat gold foil-blocking.

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The bottle too is not spared from this lavish treatment and features a beautiful, gold-plated collar that is engraved and sealed with wax. Every coffret and bottle is individually numbered and features the 50th anniversary logo.
Even if you aren’t a fan of golf, I am sure your eyes will be glued on this tournament that is scheduled to take place in April in Korea just to see which lucky golfer takes this exclusive coffret home.

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