The Emotive Robotic Avatar expresses feelings at the price of $65,000

With the holiday season just around the corner, its time to stack up against your gift list with some innovative toys. If you want to add a dash of robotic puppetry, get your hands on the Emotive Robotic Avatar from Hammacher Schlemmer. What makes this one special is expressing emotions using a remote control from as far as 30 meters away. It can express as many as five feelings using its 19 concealed motors, including happiness, confusion, anger, sadness, and embarrassment. The set features a tablet screen with a stylus to feed in the desired emotion. The puppet shoe emotions with fully bright green eyes, a buoyant antenna, and an upright torso to express happiness or half-filled blue-colored eyes, a slumped torso, and a slumped head show sadness. The robot is priced at $65,000 a piece.
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