The Endangered Parrots of the World Chess Set will appeal to environmentalists

Just like the Medioevale Stile chess board appealed to collectors everywhere, the Endangered Parrots of the World Chess Set is sure to appeal to environmentalists and nature lovers. This environmental friendly chess set has been created by Grant Dawson Collections in the United States. The one-of-a-kind chess set is hand made from certified sustainable North American hardwoods (walnut and maple), food safe natural finishes with recycled glass ball feet, and features 32 lead-free pewter playing pieces finished in 24k gold or sterling silver. The board is finished with a gold-plated Laelia xanthina orchid border which is an endangered orchid. All the unique pieces sit beautifully inside the box for easy storage and transportation.

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You can also opt for hand painted enamel chess pieces instead of the one’s finished in gold and silver. This chirpy set is priced at $5000 and available here.