The First Internet Addiction center inaugurated in the US launches $14,500 program

Internet addiction is a tricky term in today’s world, which is difficult to examine if the patient is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ with the symptoms. Especially when we inevitably have to log in to the internet for earning our daily bread and butter. But if you think you have a serious problem, like say, you can’t stay peaceful if you don’t check your emails every half an hour or you can’t keep from texting your yahoo buddies for too long. The reStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program near Seattle is the word for you. It’s the first of its kind in the US to treat internet dependencies like gaming, gambling, chatting, texting, and other internet addiction aspects. It’s a 45-day program, setting back the participant $14,500 (expensive? You bet!) The center also has a questionnaire to determine if you’re really an internet addict, and if you answer ‘yes’ for four of the questions, then according to the center, you have a serious problem.

Out of the many different addictions, gaming tops the list with World of Warcraft leading in the category. I also presume that social networking should follow that list when I see my buddies being wasted all day. (Now I don’t want to name the site) I’m sure we have our hefty set of questions looming over our heads long before we know of this program’s success/failure. But it sure is an interesting concept, owing to the new-age internet addiction emerging to be at par with the drug or alcohol addictions.

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