The Gold Rush is coming

Reality shows have reached an all-new stratum and as the situation seems it will only ascend. Reality show king Mark Burnett will re-create history. He is in collaboration with AOL and CBS to develop a new online reality show set to debut this fall. Titled “Gold Rush”, the online treasure hunt involves finding over $2 million in gold using clues found in CBS fall premieres and commercials. As reports go thirteen armored trucks weighed down with gold diffuse across the United States to hide their caches. Twelve of these trucks contain $100,000 in solid gold and the thirteenth, $1 million dollars in solid gold.

Each week during the national treasure hunt new clues will be found within CBS television programs, sponsor commercials, the website, and other media properties. What makes the gold rush different from the others is the participation criteria. While others have just a few participants gold rush will be open to the public in large, resulting in what could be millions of potential players. People will be very eager to rush for this one!

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