The Inverted Wine Decanter agitates the wine

Its Christmas time and what better way to celebrate then with a toast of wine! The ultimate gift for the wine connoisseur, this inverted wine decanter takes on the form of a grapevine with leaf accents on the base. We’re certain that all wine drinkers are aware that aeration is the key to getting the most out of your great bottles of wine. This inverted wine decanter helps you to achieve excellent filtration and aeration, all from a stylish and unique decanter. It works by pouring your favorite bottle of red wine over the glass globe that rests on a mesh filter and into a suspended glass receptacle. As a result, the wine is aptly exposed to oxygen. Intended to screen out sediment and cork residue, the stainless steel mesh filter leaves no odor or taste in the wine. Finally, the inverted glass receptacle features a stainless steel lever-spigot which allows you to pour the wine into glasses without ever touching the decanter, keeping your decanter free of water spots has always been a chore—until now.

The powder-coated wrought-iron frame that homes the inverted wine decanter is attached to the sturdy metal and Italian marble base. Enjoy the bouquet and full-bodied taste of your favorite red wines to their fullest in this distinctively elegant inverted wine decanter for $170.

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