The limited edition Bonzini Babyfoot Barbie Foosball Table is yours for $25,000

Now the boys would not be happy with this, but the fairer sex is sure to go gaga over this creation – a Barbie Foosball Table! A treat for the Barbie lover and collector, this Foosball Table definitely bridges that gap of gender equality. The Bonzini Babyfoot Barbie Foosball Table is part of Mattel’s limited-edition, privately commissioned, “The Plastic Collection” of carefully curated Barbie items from around the world. The brainchild of French designer Chloé Ruchon, this pink table that screams fun for every Barbie fan was created in partnership with Mattel and the Bonzini group. The awesome Foosball table features Barbie dolls instead of the standard figures of football players. The table debuted at the International Design Festival in Berlin and has been making waves ever since.

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The collector’s item creation will be a limited edition restricted to eight pieces only. Bearing an asking price of $25,000, this exquisite Barbie foosball table can be purchased through special order by contacting the FAO Schwarz NYC Flagship Store at (212) 644-9400 or by clicking here.