The most valuable plate to have appeared on the BBC is worth $156,000

For antiques, the BBC roadshows have been a perfect set up for several novels and a few movies. But who knew that what authors use as creative liberty would be a script for a real-life money-spinner too! And this is no measly amount. For the first time in three decades of the TV show, a seemingly old plate is valued at £100,000 ($156,000)!

As a last-minute decision, Mrs. Wendy Jones decided to take a 40-year old 22-inch piece of crockery for valuation, that too in a Tesco carrier bag! Mrs. Jones had come in with the husband to value some of his old books but instead found out from an expert valuer John Axford the true worth of the 22-inch plate. The Prussian East India Company commissioned the 18th-century oval-shaped plate between 1750 and 1755 from porcelain for Frederick II. The plate has the Hohenzollern family’s arms, the black eagle’s order, and the Maltese cross. Talk about hidden and ignored treasures.