The New Dandy storage trunk can house everything from iPads to poker chips

Right from vanity to mini bars, even coffee and champagne carriers, T.T. Trunks have been around to help you carry around all that you need, that too in luxury and style. Adding to their already impressive line up is the “New Dandy” trunk that can hold everything you need like spirits, cigars, and poker accessories. However, the trunk also features a special iPad stand, alongside a power pack for mobile devices, to ensure that you’re still connected on your long trips. The trunk has solid brass hardware plated in nickel, palladium, or 24 karat gold.

The mid-section of the trunk stores whiskey decanter and glasses. It spots one drawer set with a humidifier and hygrometer that can hold fine cigars. The other acts can hold a full set of poker chips, two decks of playing cards, with a foldable poker table that can be nestled onto the trunk’s door. You can customize other drawers for several items, including neckties, watches, shoeshine kits, and other accessories. The trunk can be moved with ease thanks to five lockable wheels.
[IB Times]

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