The Newest Boy Toy – The Power Surfboard

Not one to brave the waves in the ocean? With the Power Surfboard, you don’t need to for surfing. This surfboard lets you surf through any body of water at speeds of up to 25 mph (daredevils might as well stay away from this post). The person surfing can control the speed through the handheld throttle and change directions by shifting body weight like a typical surfboard. Now you need not wait for waves to ride. You can go out on any ocean, lake, or river any time and surf. You can also surf in shallow areas because this motorized surfboard possesses a weed cutting system that will not allow your engine to get clogged.

The propeller surfboard engine is a 9.5 horsepower, 4 stroke gasoline engine. It has an electric start push button and its two gallon furl tank lasts two to three hours. With the hull made of fibre glass, this electronic surfboard is 8 feet in length, 27.5” wide and weighs 112 lbs. It comes with a six month warranty and for an additional $250, a one year warranty can be purchased. Available in the colours – blue, red, yellow and white, the power surfboard requires no assembling and costs $3,250.