The only lacquered chess sets in the world are up for $123,000

Besides displaying the owner’s interest for the game, designer chess set’s these days, are also a unique way to flaunt one’s lavish lifestyles. That is why we come across chess sets like the Steve Vigar chess set and the Royal Diamond chess set which have become true symbols of luxury. All set to join the league of these exquisite sets is the new range of lacquered chess sets. New York-based artist Alexander Gelman has produced the lacquered chess sets in collaboration with Japanese artisans in the Ishikawa Prefecture town. These are also the only lacquered chess sets in the world! Crafted by hand in Japan, two out of the three chess sets were put on display were put on sale at a New York design house Monday.

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Sure to become a symbol of your status, these lacquered Japanese chess sets bear a price tag of $123,000.
[Kyodo And Japantoday]

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