The ‘Prancing Horse’ mosaic have seduced the Ferrari Club and Sheikhs

If you’ve looked up Ferrari merchandise on a small scale, you definitely must have bumped into the Ferrari da Varese Four Seasons pen, which is just a spec in front of the ‘Prancing Horse’ mosaic created by artist Paola Di Serio. The work has appealed to the Italian Club for owners of Ferrari and the sheiks of Dubai. His unmistakable style so enthralled them that they have commissioned the reinterpretation and installation at the entrance of the headquarters of the association based in Maranello, which brings together the owners of ‘red.’ Some of the sheiks of Dubai were also mesmerized by the artist’s creation of the mosaic; hence they’ve called upon the Italian artist to create mosaics of portraits in black and white stones to be put up in their luxury villas as icons of the family.
[Puglialive And Deluxeblog]

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