The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Chess set fit for the royal brains

Restored to its splendid1977 glory, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Chess set is fit for the hands of royalty. Having won the coveted Design Council Awards, the Silver Jubilee Chessmen are balanced to the US Chess Federation playing weight. The London Hallmarked set is exquisitely constructed as it is housed in two suede-lined, leather book boxes and hand inlaid with Dauphin leather trim. The pieces are made from solid sterling silver gilt and gold plated with a consistency of 5 microns. Pieces are also available in precious metals such as sterling silver, sterling silver gilt, and gold.

The gold pieces have a gold plating of 18cts on top of sterling silver, and the Dauphin calf leather is available in a wide range of colors. Two extra Queens are also included in the set, which benefits the passionate players. The Silver Jubilee Chess set retails for a price range of $53,735-$62,450. For those who fancy everything in diamonds, the Royal Diamond chess set should be suitable. Whereas those who conjure medieval themes would certainly fall for the Medioevale Stile chess set.
[Zontik Games]

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