The Royal Collection houses Gold, Silver and Diamond chocolates

When I went for the city tour of Kula Lumpur, the guide took me to several chocolate factories, but I wonder why did he give the Swiss Gourmet Manufacturing a miss. The company boasts of Swiss foundations and is run by chocolatier couple Laurent and Daniella. The highlight of course is the current Haute Jaoillerie Collection featuring Grand Cru Chocolates decorated in gold, silver and gems. Not quite the Willy Wonka kind of variety, the range while expanding your waistlines, trims your wallet to quite an extent. Promising you the finest ingredients, which I don’t really dispute, the packaging too is fit for a king. Exclusive jewelry boxes that hold 2 or 4 pieces of chocolates are shipped the world over. Pricing details after the jump.

If you really must know, expect to shell out $620 for 4pcs and $506 for 2 pcs of 22-carat Gold covered chocolate. The Diamond Collection will set you back by $580, but then it includes 6 diamond sweet chocolates and 1 100-carat sweet diamond. Yes the diamonds are edible. 14 Sweet Gemstone Chocolates will cost you $520. The Royal Collection includes the Gold, Silver and Diamond Collection, 12 pieces in all and of course $1,250!

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