The Shadow (Mechanical) Caddy for Golfers

The Shadow Caddy looks like a machine that has a thing for men on the golf course. And why? Because it follows them around without the use of any form of remote control, so they don’t have to drag their clubs around when not in a golf cart. Such devotion I say! This three-wheel electronic caddy that is like a human caddy, carries the golfer’s clubs for them and follows them around the golf course. Shadow Caddy is 100% hands-free. No joy-sticks, no remote control buttons, no manual operation. And what’s more, it’s cheaper than hiring a human caddy (Deja Vu of the industrial revolution anyone?) and leaves they players free to concentrate on the ball

The device works by using a transmitter worn on the body of the user and uses multiple on-board CPUs and a collision detection system to navigate the fairways. And while it won’t improve the Golf game of old rich dudes, just like it won’t improve their fashion sense, but it will make them feel important.